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emily and brad weckesser


Emily and Brad Weckesser are the husband-and-wife design duo behind The Oyster’s Pearl.  Located in Northeastern Ohio, they collaborate together daily on branding projects, stationery and print design, one-of-a-kind screen-printed apparel, and modern home goods and accessories from their sunshine-filled, exposed-brick studio space.  Emily’s passions for graphic design, typography, and fine arts are complemented by Brad’s skills in woodworking, ceramics, photography, and screen printing.  Together, they have created a full-service design company where their talents collide to produce a wide range of luxe design and lifestyle products.  Emily and Brad believe that their days are best spent together, creating a business and life that they look forward to growing each day.

Out of the office, Emily and Brad most love spending time at home together as a family with their toddler son, newborn baby girl, and hound dog - letting the rural outdoors, their mid-century modern home, and their sweet little ones inspire new products and design ideas daily.


the oyster's pearl design


Emily and Brad first met 3,000 miles from their midwestern roots in a small town off the coast of Costa Rica, where both were volunteering with at-risk youth.  They quickly fell in love and came back to the States to plan the wedding of their dreams and begin their life together.  Shortly after designing and making all of the stationery and decor for their own outdoor wedding, The Oyster’s Pearl was born in 2012.  What began as a small-scale adventure quickly became a full-time job, and when the orders became more than Emily could handle alone, Brad came alongside full-time and the two haven’t looked back.  Initially focused on Emily’s passion for home goods and stationery, The Oyster’s Pearl quickly grew to incorporate Brad’s handiwork as well and expanded to include a beautiful line of modern home decor and accessories, screen printed apparel, and more.

Over the last six years, The Oyster’s Pearl has been featured in Southern Living Magazine, Country Living Magazine, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, and countless design and lifestyle blogs.  Our product line has been proudly carried by Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Lord & Taylor, and been stocked in over 150 local shops and independent boutiques nationwide.  As our company continues to grow, we’re forever grateful for the opportunity to share our art and creative passions with our loyal customer base and for the tribe of folks all over the world whose continued support allows us to live out our dream.