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How It's Made | By The Oyster's Pearl Design


At the heart of everything we do is a strong commitment to unique, authentic design and the highest quality handmade goods. Our slogan, “Designed with love, printed by hand” is a simplified version of our creative process and symbolic of the teamwork between us as we create.


How It's Made | By The Oyster's Pearl


All of the designs in our shop start on paper - sketched, painted, hand-lettered, or calligraphed by Emily - before they are ever put into production. Once designs are perfected and finalized, Brad takes over printing, production, and packaging - letting precision and skill guide him as he hand-prints every tee, tote, banner, and towel that leaves our studio. From start to finish we keep our design and production in-house, ensuring the highest level of detail and care for each and every order.


How It's Made | By The Oyster's Pearl


At The Oyster’s Pearl, we promise that our values as a family business shape and inform all of our designs, products, customer service, and production.

We believe in unique and authentic design, so we strive to create goods that stand out in a crowded online marketplace.

We promise to be industry leaders and to create trends instead of follow them.

We believe that handmade is best, so we print all of our orders in-house and inspect them carefully before we send them along to you.

We care about American-made products and fair wages and working conditions for laborers, so we make every effort to source as many materials as we can from The United States and to partner with domestic factories, manufacturers, and suppliers whenever possible.

We prioritize quality in all that we do - and so we only use the best materials, fabrics, papers, inks, and other supplies for our products.

We value our customers and stockists around the world and the relationships we’ve gotten to build with them over the years.

Honesty and integrity guide our shop’s policies and practices and we will always be transparent about our products and processes.

All of our communication is kept personal and in-house, so if any questions or issues arise,
you can be sure you’ll be speaking directly with Emily or Brad about it.

And you can be sure that because we care so much about our company and the customers who make it possible, that we will do anything we can to accommodate your special requests, design inquiries, ideas, or issues.

That’s our promise.

Thank you for stopping by and we greatly look forward to working with you!