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Springtime in Quarantine

Spring: fresh air. Fishing for minnows. Creek-stomping, puddle-splashing, soaking our shoes. Baby goats born, milk from their mama. Laying hens offering eggs each morning in a varying display of beige and copper hues. Flowers blooming, leaves budding, swinging in the sun. Reading in the hammock. Climbing trees, watching birds. Life at home - forced or not - has been beautiful lately.

It’s also, no doubt, been hard. Tears, isolation, frustrations. Zoom calls, grocery pickups, friends in masks. Fear of the unknown, canceled trips, uncertain plans. Monotony, rainy days, snowy days, endless days. Loneliness, even among introverts.

Sometimes it’s all too much - too much goodness, too much difficulty… all rolled into one endless stretch of quarantine. We can’t process it all just yet - the state of our world, the loss and grief felt through the nations, the fear and lingering questions of what’s to come. The blessings and abundance, the upside, the unexpected joys. None of it makes sense, really. All I can do is go day by day, stepping forward in faith, seeking truth and beauty all over again each morning.

“Strength for today, and bright hope for tomorrow” - Thomas Chisholm

Our dear friend Adrienne swung by on a perfect Spring evening and, in less than thirty minutes, captured everything we’re cherishing right now in a series of stunning photos we’ll treasure for years to come. The light was right, the kids (all four) were chipper, and she was able to preserve the fleeting expressions of our growing children at this moment in time. Our curly-haired, flower-obsessed Penelope. Our blonde, mischievous, stick-obsessed Amos. And Brad and I - obsessed with them- and thankful for the chance to freeze time and appreciate it all.

Many moments of the last few months have not been pretty. But I’m endlessly thankful that we have a tangible record of one of our better days in quarantine - of this home, this land, these kids, these animals, this life.

All photos by Adrienne Gerber Photography.

How are you doing right now, given the state of the world? Highs, lows? Let us know, below. Sending peace & warm wishes your way. Stay well!

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